Your challenge is our challenge

Our ethos is simple: we are problem solvers.

Most insurers are more than happy to cover you if you fit into their preferred customer profile. We, however, recognise that there are many yacht owners who refuse to compromise on their choice of yacht, and what they want to use her for, simply to meet their insurer’s expectations.

Our aim is to help you realise the ambitions you have for your yacht by finding the right insurance – so you can set off towards the horizon with absolute peace of mind.

For over 20 years, we’ve put people at the heart of our service. Our experienced team talk personally to you about your plans and needs – diving into every detail to make sure we understand your risks, and offering guidance and advice on how to cover them.

As insurance brokers, our in-depth knowledge of the marine underwriting market and our close relationships with insurance providers allow us to negotiate the terms of your cover, and skilfully craft your policy to your requirements. Every client is different and it takes a personal touch to tune the finer details.

Plus, like our namesake, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail round the world single handed non stop, our crew are tenacious and don’t give up lightly. At HavenKJ Specialist, we bring our perseverance, skill and understanding to your insurance needs.

We know it could be down to us when the purchase of a vessel is on the line, so it’s all hands on deck to find a solution. Even in the most challenging of cases in an ever-tricky market, we do everything we can to help – as personally, respectfully and efficiently as we can. After all, your dream is at stake.

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