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As an island nation, in the UK we are fortunate to always have an abundance of spectacular natural landscapes, both inland and coastal, only a few hours away at most.  Owning a motorboat opens up a whole new world to exploring and enjoying them.  Being able to get out on the water with the turn of a key and get from A to B in time for supper in the local waterfront pub, isn’t something to take for granted, so having a trustworthy motorboat insurance policy in place is crucial to make sure your boating plans aren’t sunk.

The experienced crew at Haven Knox-Johnston Specialist are experts at putting together motorboat insurance policies which cover varying needs, providing you with peace of mind that you won’t be drowning in large repair bills should the unexpected occur.

Over the years, they have helped to arrange insurance for all manner of motorboats, heading off on all manner of unusual trips.   They also cover motorboat owners who just want to sedately cruise local waters!

So, if the thought of arranging your annual motorboat insurance leaves you feeling like you’ll be treading water, give the crew a call today.

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