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Nothing quite beats the feeling of escaping on your speedboat for some much needed down time after a long week.  Whether you enjoy swimming and snorkelling off a hidden beach with your family, or perhaps having endless fun towing water skiers or riders on inflatable toys, there is an adventure for everyone.  Or perhaps your speedboat lets you escape your adrenaline fuelled life, to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of fishing in the waters of Great Britain.

The varied nature of the adventures that you can have with your speedboat is one of reasons they are much loved around the UK.  Unfortunately, when the unexpected happens, not only are your water-based adventures put on the back burner, but you can often be left holding a hefty repair bill. So, having a trusted insurance policy behind you is a must.

Haven Knox-Johnston Specialist have many years of experience behind them, organising insurance for all makes and models of speedboat. Give a member of our crew a call today to discuss your needs!

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