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It’s fair to say that when strolling along the dockside, superyachts look like boatbuilding works of perfection and undoubtedly possess a serene, yet impressive, wow factor.  Look closer and the everyday running of these spectacular floating assets expose the vessel, it’s crew and guests to a multitude of potential risks every day.

  From damage caused by storms, collisions or even fire, to accidents involving crew members or charter guests; the list of potential risks is long and will vary significantly from one Superyacht to the next.  If an incident was to occur, the bespoke nature of superyachts typically results in costly repairs, often requiring a specialist team with specialist facilities.  In addition to these repair costs there is the added loss of revenue if the vessel is set up for charter; potentially for a whole season or more.

Given the complexity and value of these assets, seeking a specialist expert to assist with tailoring an insurance policy specifically for your Superyacht is critical.

With many years of experience in insuring Superyachts under their belt, the expert team at Haven Knox-Johnston Specialist are perfectly placed to help identify and mitigate the risks that go with owning or managing a Superyacht, ultimately ensuring the owner is safeguarded against significant, unexpected costs.

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