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The versatility of RIBs makes them much loved within the boating community, offering a convenient, safe and fun way for everyone to enjoy time out on the water.  Whether you’re taking your friends and family out water skiing, or going on exhilarating high speed adventures to explore coastal areas and secluded beaches, the wide range of activities that you can do in a RIB makes them unique.

However, the very nature of these adventures exposes your RIB to potential risks.  From accidental damage and theft, through to personal injury you and your crew on the RIB may experience, having robust RIB insurance cover is essential for peace of mind when on the water.  RIB insurance can also be a requirement when arranging a river licence or water-skiing permit.

With such a huge variety of RIBs out there, it’s important to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about!  Luckily, the experienced team at Haven Knox-Johnston Specialist are on hand to help.

Whether you are looking to talk to someone about arranging your RIB insurance cover, or to make a claim, give our crew a call today.

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