Getting the right cover

A Malo yacht is a masterclass in style and sophistication, from the leading Malo 47 and across its full range of models, the renowned Swedish brand offers luxury sailing boats, adorned with top of the range hardwood decks and interiors. As a Malo yacht owner, you’ll understand the unparalleled blend of elegance and adventure they bring but if life decides to rock the boat, don’t fret, we can help guide you through even the choppiest insurance waters.

Anchored by decades of maritime expertise in the UK, we’re a business that sails on a mission to deliver the best boat insurance plans for our customers. With our friendly crew and plain sailing advice, we give you all the guidance you need to embark with confidence on your boat insurance journey.

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What cover could the insurance provide?

Choose from Standard Cover (Loss or Damage to Your Insured Property and Third Party Liability), or Third Party Only Cover (Liability to Third Parties and Passengers)

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